Slightly Stoopid Rocks the Birds Nest


Even if you’re not a golf fan you probably have heard about the Phoenix Open and the Birds Nest. With over a half-million attendees annually, the Waste Management Phoenix Open is the biggest golf tournament in the world. The Birds Nest at the Phoenix Open offers a daily after party and some of the coolest bands around. This year the Nest is hosting Will.I.AM, The Goo Goo Dolls and tonight Slightly Stoopid took the stage in front of thousands of people. The boys from Cali brought their brand … [Read more...]

Lost in Atlantis in the Fight to Save Music

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Phoenix band Lost in Atlantis, the pioneers of music touted by fans as "Rocktronica," are helping to build the future of music by raising money to bring instruments into school music programs. The band will be debuting their first music video for the radio single "Tek-No," at a release party with all of the proceeds going to the Fender Music Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to bringing instruments and funding to music programs in schools across the country and giving kids and adults … [Read more...]

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il, Dead


The sometimes called playboy leader of North Korea has died at the age of 69. Kim Jong Il's death was announced Monday by the state television from the North Korean capital, Pyongyang. It was said that Kim suffered from a stroke in 2008 but hasn't looked terrible of late. His love for fine cigars, women and booze is said to have contributed to heart disease and diabetes. Stay tuned for more information on the details of this breaking news. … [Read more...]

Modern Warfare 3 Breaks International Sales Record


Modern Warfare 3 reached one-billion dollars in world-wide sales in a mere 16 days beating previous record holder James Cameron's Avatar, who reached the same number in 17 days. The video game franchise has performed well in a down video game market and Activision is also raking in extra bucks through the Call of Duty Elite Subscription service, which gives users a much more interactive experience with personal stats and other features. The service has reached 6 million subscriptions since … [Read more...]

Biker Build Off: The Results are In


The American Chopper Biker Build Off culminated tonight at the Hard Rock in Vegas and Paul Jr. Design takes home the win. His Mustang fighter plane inspired bike had everyone aside from his competitors in awe. Jesse James stuck to his wannabe bad-boy attitude and his claim of being the best. OCC and Paul Senior's machine received a steady roar of hisses and boos from an extremely disappointed crowd and with good reason; the OCC crew didn't even build a motorcycle. Senior stood by his claim … [Read more...]

Biker Build Off: One Talent and Two Immature A-holes


If you’re anything like me and watch the Discovery Channel on a regular basis, then you know all about the biker build off between OCC, Paul Jr. Designs and Jesse James. I had all but forgotten that Jesse James was once a builder of motorcycles and also had a TV show of his own. He has been known for his infidelity with hot women, and his goal is to prove that he can still build motorcycles. There have been many great names that have tried to make the comeback from a public display of cheating … [Read more...]

Interview: Mastodon’s Troy Sanders


Fresh off a Grammy nomination for best rock performance for their single “Curl of the Burl,” Mastodon singer and bassist Troy Sanders took time to answer a few questions. The band has reached the end of their American tour and after a month off will be jumping across the Atlantic to rock the bollocks off the Brits and Fins. Mastodon tried some new things on their latest release “The Hunter.” The band steered off the path of a full concept album and hit the studio with a fresh … [Read more...]

George Michaels hopsitalized with pneumonia


George Michaels has cancelled the rest of his European Tour after coming down with a severe case of pneumonia. The Symphonica Tour, which features Michaels playing his hits and some popular cover songs with a full orchestra, has now been put on hold with tour dates being rescheduled. The twelve dates were scheduled to take place near his home in England and fans have been advised to hold on to their tickets. Michaels is now in stable condition but is in no shape to take the stage. … [Read more...]