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Josh is an English student currently studying English Literature with Creative Writing at University in the UK. When he's not wasting time acquiring the grappling beam in Super Metroid, you'll find him being far more productive - listening to Black Sabbath and reading comics. He hopes his work at The Silver Tongue will help him get his writing out to the public and professional world, heaven forbid.

Dio Recordings May See A Future Release


There are a few forces in the universe that the mere power of the grave cannot tame, and the foremost of these is the late metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio, who’s band Dio will be releasing a new compilation album, appropriately titled The Very Beast Of Vol 2. Not so much a ‘best of’ as a selective collection, the [...]

A Look in to Black Sabbath’s Work on New Album


It’s been almost a year since Black Sabbath returned from atop their throne at the centre of the Earth, and four months since the band had any big news, having played at Birmingham and the Download and Lollapalooza festivals (and consequently, four months since some of Ozzy Osbourne’s onstage orange juice flew in to my [...]

Listen: Neil Young and Horse’s 16-Minute Epic, ‘Ramada Inn’


The mere words ’16-minute epic’ could be enough to put anyone off this latest release by folky rock giant Neil Young and his long-time collaborators, Crazy Horse, but stick with it, and you’ve got a great experience on your hands. My main criticism of the collaboration’s last effort, Americana was that it outstayed its welcome, but [...]

Listen: Rolling Stones – Doom and Gloom


I knew I wasn’t insane. My suspicions were well-founded. The Rolling Stones were recording new music. Yes, that twitch in my eye is normal. Named ‘Doom and Gloom’ (don’t worry, it doesn’t take after its name), the new track is one of two new songs to feature on the forthcoming GRRR! compilation, and is the [...]

Rage Against the Machine to Re-Release 20th Anniversary Editions of Debut Album, Demos & Live Footage


I’m usually onboard the U.S.S. Cynic when it comes to bands re-releasing material. High chance is, if we’re fans, we probably own the albums, t-shirts and commemorative underwear already, so what are we doing going out to buy remasters that more often than not end up taking away a degree of charm from the original [...]

Serj Tankian’s Kickstarter Campaign to Fund ‘Orca’ Symphony


Having taken full advantage of System of a Down‘s ongoing hiatus, frontman Serj Tankian has explored a number of styles in his five-year solo career. More and more often, we find the Armenian wizard delving in to experimental, jazz and orchestral styles. Put shortly, he went from this to this in five years. And now, top hat in hand, Tankian is [...]

Listen: Deftones – Tempest


Fans of the Deftones have been rewarded for their service as of late. First they got news of a new album, Koi No Yokan, then they were treated to an ongoing North-American tour with Scars on Broadway, before getting a taster of the new work with the track ‘Leathers‘. And now, presumably fueled by a blood-lust for more, [...]

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Announces 2013 Nominees


The nominees are in for Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are in, and the class of 2013 are set to answer a few questions, though not without raising some of their own. Looking through the list, there are a few names present that seem like shoe-ins. Deep Purple, for one, are a huge name in [...]