The Underground: A Motown Tribute to Nickelback (oh no)


Welcome to The Underground (or Notes from the Underground if you’re a Dostoyevsky nerd), a weekly segment in which I examine the very best in unsigned, undiscovered and underground music. It’s my goal to highlight and hopefully promote talented artists who have yet to receive the attention they deserve. If you know of (or are!) [...]

Caitlin Rose Releases Sophomore Record The Stand-In

caitlin rose

Caitlin Rose, a talented Nashville-based folk singer-songwriter, released her sophomore effort, The Stand-In, today via ATO Records. The folks at ATO seem to have their finger on the pulse of modern-day Americana; bands like My Morning Jacket, Dawes and Alabama Shakes also call the label their home. While Rose’s breed of windswept-folk/country may be on [...]

Trent Reznor Announces Return of NIN

Trent Reznor, of Nine Inch Nails, announced the band will be getting back together & touring in 2013.  Since members split ways after their “Wave Goodbye” tour in 2009,Trent has kept himself busy.  Not only did he win an Oscar for Best Original Score for the hit movie The Social Network, he’s also been working [...]

Saul Conrad: songwriter and ornithologist extraordinaire

Saul Conrad

Often considered the songwriting capitol of the world, Nashville is a town with arguably deeper roots in the craft than anywhere else in the States. While this provides the local concert circuit with bountiful writers nights and acoustic sets, there is often a cry from the general consensus for a fresh approach. There are only [...]

Download Den: Elliott BROOD – “Gimme Sympathy” Hard Rain Mix (Metric Cover)

Elliott Brood

Welcome to The Silver Tongue’s Download Den.    Here is where we will pass along the most intriguing and worthwhile songs that we’ve been fortunate enough to discover. Many are songs we’ve been obsessing over, while others simply snuck up and got their hooks in us. We’re not concerned with genre limitations or mere trendiness. We [...]

Watch: L.A. Salami – “Generation L(ost)” and Free Download of B-Side, “Deformation Days”

L.A. Salami

Back in May, two songs from a young London singer-songwriter named L.A. Salami fortuitously made their way into my inbox, and I was immediately enamored on first listen. I wrote of the impression Lookman Adekunle Salami’s effectual voice and impeccable style made on me, and I passed “Jianni’s From Australia (She’ll Get By)” and  “We’ll [...]

Om bring the meditative doom to Nashville November 27th


Commonly found in Buddhism, the om is a powerful utterance in the Sanskrit om mani padme hum. While there is no one meaning to the phrase, the om itself can be traced back to all Dharmic religions. The single syllable word preludes a number of heavily regarded mantras and phrases. It eases participants into a [...]

Icky Blossoms complement The Faint November 30th at Cannery Ballroom

With a recent album produced by Dave Sitek (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Santigold, Liars, etc.), a record deal with Saddle Creek and an opening slot for The Faint’s Danse Macabre tour, Icky Blossoms are a pigeon-holing anomaly. The Omaha-based trio’s debut eponymous release is an infectiously versatile album that explores everywhere from electronic beats to sexy [...]