Amanda Palmer wants professional musicians to “volunteer” to play with her on stage.


Amanda Palmer has recently issued a call to arms of sorts on her website, where she is asking for “professional-ish” horn and string backup for each city on her “Grand Theft Orchestra” tour. In return, Amanda Palmer says the musicians shall receive exposure. The only prerequisite is that you show up for a quick rehearsal [...]

The Humble Music Bundle asks you to pay what you want for six albums.


I’ve always maintained that pay-what-you-want packages are brilliant for the music industry – so long as you happen to be Radiohead, or some band that already has a large enough following. Underground artists on Bandcamp or other sites that debut material this way, however, often have a very hard time breaking through or even really [...]

VHS or Beta – new record today, live chat tomorrow


VHS or Beta’s new album, Diamonds and Death, is out today on Krian Music Group/Chromosome Records. The album is a journey full of thrilling moments and unexpected turns. The album’s electronic foundation is a byproduct of the many nights VHS or Beta DJs have manned the decks and remixes they have done in the last few [...]

Review: Dum Dum Girls – “Only in Dreams”


Oh my, the new Dum Dum Girls record is totally not what I was expecting! I guess I sort of holed up with I Will Be, their 2010 debut LP that made a lot of noise in cyberspace and was, well, noisy. Dee Dee’s lo-fi vocals were so uncouth and cool that they influenced my [...]

Review: Ladytron – “Gravity The Seducer”


Another highly anticipated record of the year from one of my favorite bands came out last week. And though I have a perfectly crafted press release regarding Gravity The Seducer’s release and Ladytron’s supporting tour of it, I just couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t live with this record for a week and share [...]

Review: Twin Shadow @ the E.A.R.L.


The miracle of the live Twin Shadow experience isn’t really miraculous at all. If anything, simply put, it’s a culmination of vocal ability, technological knowledge and, well, the simplistic nature of the music in the first place. There are many other factors in getting to those moments, I do realize, but as a live experience, [...]

Ladytron Release Trailer for “Gravity The Seducer”


Always pushing the imagery envelope and driving musical innovation, leave it to Ladytron to release a ‘trailer’ for their upcoming new record, Gravity The Seducer. This one is the band’s fifth LP release. The trailer is a sneak peak, including snippets of all 12 tracks. For me, one listen reveals two things. (1) This is [...]

Radiohead Play King of Limbs and New Song


Nigel Godrich, Radiohead producer, has been known to make a TV series called From the Basement, one of the most exciting aspects being performances by Radiohead, often full albums. This time around it’s no different– the Brits play through all of King of Limbs, their most recent effort, as well as a new song that’s [...]