In Space, No One Can Hear You Rock – NASA Plays The Beatles on Mars


If Martians had been listening in to Earth’s radio signals as of late, they too would no doubt be sick of hearing unnecessary remix after unnecessary remix of Gotye‘s ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’. NASA are presumably worried of this, and employee Eric Blood has revealed on Reddit that a list of  ’wake-up calls’ are used to [...]

Just add Lightning: John Lennon’s DNA lives on in sculpture

A recently finished sculpture of the late John Lennon includes a bit of the former Beatles’ Deoxyribonucleic acid. Huh. Right, okay, this sounds like the best movie pitch ever. Just bear with me. Artist Kirsten Zuk‘s brother Michael, known as “The Crazy Dentist” (See?!) purchased one of John Lennon’s auctioned teeth in 2011 for $32,000., [...]

Karma? Man trying to sneak into Nickelback gig falls down gorge

No, I will never get tired of using this image.

You know who I love? Nickelback. Not as musicians or anything, but as an entity. I like to think that the band are this sort of nebulous entity encapsulating everything a bit awkward and shitty about modern music (in an oddly endearing way, I mean). It also helps that pretty much every story they’re involved [...]

AC/DC Attack Iranian Nuclear Facilities


No, the long-prophesied hard rock apocalypse isn’t upon is, nor have the band taken to extreme new methods to advertise their next album. In an incident that proves that the universe does have a sense of humour, a computer virus has caused several problems at Natanz and Fordo Nuclear programs in Iran – including computers being forced to [...]

RIAA to Limewire: 72 Trillion Dollars Please


The Recording Industry Association of America has halted all attempts at modesty and concealed rage when attacking ex-file-sharing giant LimeWire, which was shut down in late 2010; claiming they’re owed $72 trillion in damages. That is, in layman’s terms, literally all the money in the world. Judge Kimba Woods, who is presiding over the case, unsurprisingly called the [...]

Is It Splitsville for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez?


Is it over for Justin Bieber and Disney girlfriend Selena Gomez? It is, according to popular urban gossip site Media Take Out. The site reports that Selena Gomez dumped the “Boyfriend” singer after she uncovered an alleged relationship between him and pop star RIHANNA. The site further alleges that news of this sordid affair made [...]

So…Prince Harry might want to become a Reggae DJ


Prince Harry recently made a brief trip to Jamaica where he met with Rita Marley, widow of Bob Marley and member of his vocal backing group, the I Threes. Rita must have had an impact on this member of the royal family representing my nation and countrymen (excuse me), as according to The Sun (gag) [...]

Photo: Kim Kardashian’s Vanishing Hairline


Kim Kardashian was photographed in Paris on Tuesday while in town for Paris Fashion Week, and we can’t help but to notice her hairline. Kim might want to lay off the extensions for a while, because it looks like her REAL hair could use the rest, and going bald at 31-years old is not a [...]