Staff Picks: February

Laura Veirs

Gabriella Geisinger Contributor Artist: The Rumble Strips Album: Girls and Weather Comments: In the dreary February fog, my musical salvation has been Girls and Weather, The Rumble Strips’ 2007 release. It is a perfect mix of ska horns and beats and esoterically melancholy lyricism. The opening track, “No Soul,” features Charlie Waller’s inimitable howling vocals [...]

Staff Picks: January

Joy Division

Justin Wesley Artist: The Milk Carton Kids Album: Prologue Comments: In the thick of Midwestern winter, I’ve found no better blissful companion in equal measures charming poignancy and somber serenity than with The Milk Carton Kids’ 2011 album, Prologue. Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan, two promising L.A. singer-songwriters who had been making individual names for [...]

Staff Picks: November

Zulu Pealrs

John Beringer Senior Contributor Artist: Zulu Pearls Album: No Heroes No Honeymoons Comments: No Heroes No Honeymoons is the debut full-length album from Zulu Pearls, the newly minted musical project of songwriter Zach Van Hoozer. He reportedly wrote the record between bar shifts and throwaway jobs while living in both Washington D.C. and Berlin, so his transnational music [...]

Celebrate Halloween with The Silver Tongue’s spookiest tracks!


Happy Pumpkin day everybody! To celebrate the best (yes) Holiday of the year, we’ve asked our staffers to choose a song they find particularly “haunting”. These are the tracks whose tones creep up your spine as you listen to them, desolate and cold, echoing in your mind after the final measure. So turn off the [...]

Staff Picks: September


Justin Wesley Senior Contributor Artist: Ryan Bingham Album: Tomorrowland Comments: Coming into his fourth album Tomorrowland, Ryan Bingham, the Texan rocker with a drifter’s rusty heart and burning belly full of red-blooded dreams, stood at a crossroads with his career and elected to move forward in pursuit of his most pressing desire: freedom. After nearly [...]

Staff Picks: August

America Give Up

James Brightman Senior Contributor Artist: Eugene McGuinness Album: The Invitation to the Voyage Comments: Inspired by 60s music, fashion and sensibilities (combined with an uncaring 21st century brutality), Eugene McGuinness’ second solo album is frighteningly brilliant. Complete with artery-severing hooks and toe-tapping interludes, The Invitation to the Voyage is a dream in a plastic case. [...]

Staff Picks: July

I Am Kloot

Will Donelson Assistant Editor Artist: I Am Kloot Album: Sky at Night Comments: So it took me years of listening to this album on Spotify to actually buy it. And you know what? It’s odd to say, but… I think this album is structurally perfect. Every song is as long as and placed exactly where [...]

Staff Picks: June

Bright Eyes

John Beringer Contributor Artist: Reptar Album: Body Faucet Comments: Reptar is an afro-poppin’ indie rock band from the musical hotbed of Athens, GA, and their first record, Body Faucet, has been the soundtrack to my walk (excuse me, dance) home from the train for the past two months. They showed up on my radar in [...]