Phosphorescent – Muchacho

Phosphorescent Muchacho

The cover art of Phosphorescent’s Muchacho depicts a grittily lit scene with two topless women on a motel room bed – one on her back and the other upright and beaming, sporting a cowboy hat. Matthew Houck (aka Phosphorescent) laughs in the foreground, much of his face off to the side of the frame. Something [...]

Shotgun Jimmie – Everything, Everything

Everywhere Everywhere

Shotgun Jimmie, the stage name of New Brunswick’s Jim Kilpatrick, is releasing his newest album, Everything Everything, through the You’ve Changed Records label.  It’s a feel-good album that will transport you to sunny California with acoustic strumming and beach party riffs and drums. Shotgun Jimmie impressed with his previous album Transistor Sister, which the Sheaf called “his [...]

Quiet Parade – Old Haunts

Quiet Parade Old Haunts

With a flawless new EP, Old Haunts, Halifax quintet Quiet Parade are staking their claim as one of the finest unsung acts in all of North America. My sincere apologies if that strikes you as grossly hyperbolic, but I have to assume you haven’t listened to much Quiet Parade. Quiet Parade, originally started as a [...]

Robyn Hitchcock – Love From London

Love From London

Robyn Hitchcock’s credibility as an original artist has never been in question, and Love From London, the rock veteran’s 19th solo album, proves to be yet another worthy notch on his storied, if criminally underrated, belt. Having founded the impressive art-rock outfit The Soft Boys in 1976, recorded and performed with The Egyptians in the [...]

Clutch – Earth Rocker

Earth Rocker

It’s been nearly four years since Clutch released their previous album, Strange Cousins from the West, but this month they’re releasing their tenth studio album, Earth Rocker. I was treated to an early look at this powerful rock and roll album, and it appears fans will be delighted with Neil Fallon’s mastery of words, the heavy rhythm and [...]

Live Review: of Montreal at the Handlebar

of montreal

Of Montreal dazzled the audience at the Handlebar on March 2nd with their psychedelic electronic-pop-rock music, seizure-inducing light show and theatric, avant-garde theatrics. This two hour acid trip was the best twenty dollars I’ve ever spent. Of Montreal and their opening acts gave 110% of their selves to the concert and left the crowd wanting [...]

Escondido – The Ghost of Escondido


At my first glance of the album cover, I mistook Escondido’s debut album, The Ghost of Escondido, for a 1970′s vinyl record.  The white frame, conveniently placed track list and subdued tones of the retro album art left an impression like fine aged wine.  Sure enough, the record gives a welcomed sense of comfort and nostalgia. [...]

Live Review: Carrie Nation and The Speakeasy at The Handlebar

Carrie Nation

Flogging Molly fans, here’s your next fix.  Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy, the self-described “high energy, acoustic brass ‘n’ grass outfit” from Wichita, will appeal to folk and bluegrass lovers, contra dancers, and anyone who likes a good ho-down.  They describe their music as Inebriated Americana Showtunes, combining sounds from the Southern Appalachians, the Mississippi [...]