Atlas Genius – Through the Glass EP

Atlas Genius

If you’re new to the musical journey of Australian band Atlas Genius, welcome to a feel-good narrative powered by healthy doses of DIY passion, rapturous melodies, and massive strokes of good fortune in the all-encompassing social media age. In an era where it’s more unlikely than ever before that major labels will sign new bands, [...]

Smoke & Jackal – EP 1

Smoke & Jackal

With a year’s worth of free time from touring and recording with Kings of Leon, bassist Jared Followill teamed up with Mona frontman Nick Brown to make booze-fueled, off-the-cuff recordings with a desire to create their own soundtrack. The Nashvillian duo named themselves Smoke & Jackal after spending eight nights in Brown’s basement with bottles [...]

WIN WIN – Double Vision


WIN WIN are an Electronica band featuring producers Alex Epton and Chris Devlin, who have a rather interesting goal. The duo are interested in creating music that “supplement[s] the auditory stimuli with a visual element that shifts with the mood of the music”. They aim to accomplish this with the help of video collagist Ghostdad [...]

Lord Huron – Lonesome Dreams

Lord Huron 1

Lord Huron’s Lonesome Dreams is quite possibly the most fully realized, full-length debut record 0f 2012. Its highs come organically – in touch with the truest, most heartfelt emotions of man, and they are delivered with pristine beauty and an emphasis on the glory of nature. Lord Huron have an uncommon talent for creating songs [...]

My Jerusalem – Preachers


My Jerusalem have always seemed like kind of a super group. Featuring Jeff Klein, touring member of and Dave Rosser, permanent member of the Twilight Singers, Ashley Dzerigian of Great Northern, Rick Nelson of the Polyphonic Spree and Cully Symington of Bishop Allen. It’s like a Marvel Team-Up comic except it skips the boring staples [...]

Matt & Kim – Lightning

Matt & Kim's Lightning

Lightning, the fourth album from the hyperkinetic Brooklyn duo Matt & Kim, finds the pair firing on all cylinders to do all the things that have made them a fan favorite since their eponymous 2006 debut . Over the course of ten songs, Matt & Kim stomp the pedal to the medal to chase pop [...]

Green Day – ¡Uno!

Green Day

Here is your mission should you choose to accept it (provided you are 21 years of age and not on the clock): blast Green Day’s ¡Uno! with your preferred alcoholic beverage in hand as you read this review. Now, throw back a swig every time Billie Joe fires off a four-letter bomb over the course [...]

Rough Trade Shops Bella Union 15: 15 Years of Bella Union Records

Bella Union

To honor its impressive roster of musicians and loyal customers, Bella Union has teamed up with Rough Trade Shops to celebrate Bella Union’s fifteenth year as an esteemed independent by compiling a 34-artist, 144-minute collection culled from the label’s quietly rich history. The artists here have never been million-sellers (Fleet Foxes’ self-titled debut in 2008 [...]