Pilar Sanders Released From Jail, Banned From House


Deion Sanders’ estranged wife  has been released from jail, but she won’t be returning home. A judge has issued an emergency protective order which bans Pilar from the Dallas mansion she shares with Deion for 60 days, according to reports. The order also prohibits her from threatening or harassing any member of the family. As [...]

Pilar Sanders Arrested After Allegedly Attacking Husband


The divorce between famed NFL player Deion Sanders and his estranged Pilar came to a boiling  point last night when the police were called to the Sanders’ home in Dallas, which resulted in Pilar’s arrest. TMZ reports that Pilar was arrested on suspicion of attacking Deion last night and was booked for “assault family violence.” [...]

Deion Sanders Files for Divorce


It’s been a rumor for months, but now it’s official, Deion Sanders has filed for divorce from his wife Pilar. In the documents the former NFL star states, he and Pilar “ceased to live together as husband and wife,” reports TMZ. Deion continues, “The marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict” … which [...]