Examining The Newsroom with Film Crit Hulk


Will is joined once again by Film Crit Hulk of Badass Digest to discuss recent criticism of Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom”, as well as discussing female characters on television in general and the values of geek culture. Examining  the Newsroom with Film Crit Hulk (mp3 link) Listen to Slip of the Tongue on iTunes here! [...]

Slip of the Tongue: Let’s talk about The Oscars

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Will sits down once again with Film Crit Hulk of BadassDigest.com for a three-pronged approach at analysing the Oscars. Hulk shares his experience and theories on nominations, the voting process and the show itself. Let’s talk about the Oscars (mp3 link) Bonus Oscars Episode (mp3 link) Listen to Slip of the Tongue on iTunes! Timeline: [...]

Slip of the Tongue: Sound and Music in Cinema

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In this episode of Slip of the Tongue we sit down with FILM CRIT HULK of Badassdigest.com.