Joey Barnes Releases New EP “Change”

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Joey Barnes’ brand new five song EP, “Change,” is aptly titled; and is a direct musical reflection of the charitable, philanthropic views of an artist that is not willing to just accept things the way they are. Barnes (solo artist and drummer for Daughtry) has been involved with many different worthwhile organizations and projects this year

Joey Barnes Releases New EP "Change"

Joey Barnes

Joey Barnes: Not Just Another Pretty Rocker

It would be so easy to just be a rock star. The money, groupies and adoration of millions of fans are just some of the job benefits. But as in all things in life, fame can be a double edged sword that can lead to vanity, egocentric thinking and living life in a glass bubble. [...]

Out of the Shadows… Joey Barnes releases new EP entitled “Always”


If you don’t know who Joey Barnes is right off the cuff, it may be because for the past few years he’s been hiding. Not in a literal nor musical sense; as he’s been a member of and on tour with Chris Daughtry (Daughtry…for the people living in caves); which has taken him all over [...]

Out of the Shadows… Joey Barnes releases new EP entitled "Always"

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