Interview: Rob Kolar of He’s My Brother She’s My Sister


TST: I often try to stay away from acronyms, especially because the independent music community has been so rife with TLA (three letter acronym) abusers for the past 10 years. Man, that sounded so hipster of me. Anyway, for the purposes of efficiency – and I assume you don’t mind – I’ll be referring to [...]

Review: Tennis @ the 40 Watt


Though Athens is a mere hour away from Atlanta by car, rarely do I make the trek. Usually, it happens in the middle of the week – to catch a band who might not have had Atlanta on the tour calendar this time. Many nationals do not play both cities in one tour, despite the [...]

Review: Niki & the Dove @ the EARL


As fanatic as I am about this Swedish two-piece pop perfection, I screwed around and missed their opening performance on Wednesday – arriving just before Twin Shadow began. Unfortunately for me, either Gustaf or Malin were sick Thursday night, which meant that the Niki & the Dove set would be short and chill. Troopers that [...]

Review: Twin Shadow @ the EARL


I found myself at the EARL in East Atlanta, a favored hang out spot, on the Wednesday night that was sold out pretty well in advance for the Niki & The Dove / Twin Shadow Fall 2012 tour. Because this particular show had sold out, and there was an opening for the next day, the [...]

Interview: Nina Diaz of Girl in a Coma

Girl in a Coma

This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Nina Diaz, guitarist/vocalist for San Antonio based three-piece band Girl in a Coma. Nina shared some insights on Girl in a Coma’s label, Blackheart Records, recording to tape, touring with like-minded musicians, and a healthy fascination with vinyl, cassettes, up-and-coming new bands and thrift store clothes. [...]

Interview: Denise Nouvion of Memoryhouse


Memoryhouse is a darling dream-pop duo from Ontario, Canada consisting of Evan Abeele and Denise Nouvion. They recently signed on with SubPop Records and released their first venture with the label this past February, a wonderful LP entitled The Slideshow Effect. Evan is also a producer (he has produced all of Memoryhouse’s releases). Denise is [...]

Sonen at Drunken Unicorn


Sonen is a three-piece band in Atlanta that creates simple, heavy beats and laces them with synths in such a way that they end up constructing the solid platform on which they can play with instrumental and vocal melodies. They’re one the coolest musical experiments happening in this town. I feel like Sonen’s been a [...]

SXSW 2012, Saturday night March 17

White Ring

My final night at SXSW 2012 began with me watching Atlanta’s Board of Whores perform. The band consists of two guys who are the real deal when it comes to rockers. Willis Corley plays crunchy, thick punk rock guitar licks live, over an underbelly of programmed beats and sequences that he brings to the stage. [...]