Jack White – Blunderbuss


A Jack White solo album at first appears like a head-scratching contradiction – a paradox assembled of guitar hero/anti-hero antimatter. White has never released music outside of a group context, be it The White Stripes’ dynamic-duo axis, The Raconteurs’ twin-headed frontman/songwriter monster, or The Dead Weather’s quasi-indie supergroup vibe, or his stint in Detroit garage-rockers [...]

Lana Del Rey: Born To Sell?


By the time you are reading this, Lana Del Rey’s album Born To Die will have reached #2 on the Billboard charts, and #1 in a gazillion countries. In a true sign that she’s made it, she will have been mocked on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update,” impersonated no less by Kristen Wiig, just a [...]

Album Review: Mastodon – The Hunter


Matt Diehl reviews Mastodon’s latest album, The Hunter.