A Look in to Black Sabbath’s Work on New Album


It’s been almost a year since Black Sabbath returned from atop their throne at the centre of the Earth, and four months since the band had any big news, having played at Birmingham and the Download and Lollapalooza festivals (and consequently, four months since some of Ozzy Osbourne’s onstage orange juice flew in to my [...]

Lord Huron – Lonesome Dreams

Lord Huron 1

Lord Huron’s Lonesome Dreams is quite possibly the most fully realized, full-length debut record 0f 2012. Its highs come organically – in touch with the truest, most heartfelt emotions of man, and they are delivered with pristine beauty and an emphasis on the glory of nature. Lord Huron have an uncommon talent for creating songs [...]

Serj Tankian’s Kickstarter Campaign to Fund ‘Orca’ Symphony


Having taken full advantage of System of a Down‘s ongoing hiatus, frontman Serj Tankian has explored a number of styles in his five-year solo career. More and more often, we find the Armenian wizard delving in to experimental, jazz and orchestral styles. Put shortly, he went from this to this in five years. And now, top hat in hand, Tankian is [...]

Listen: Deftones – Tempest


Fans of the Deftones have been rewarded for their service as of late. First they got news of a new album, Koi No Yokan, then they were treated to an ongoing North-American tour with Scars on Broadway, before getting a taster of the new work with the track ‘Leathers‘. And now, presumably fueled by a blood-lust for more, [...]

Listen: Soundgarden – Been Away Too Long


With a title that will surely go down in the history of incredibly appropriate titles, Soundgarden have dipped in to their upcoming sixth record to release the single ‘Been Away Too Long’. The album, King Animal, will mark the first full release from the band in over sixteen years, following 1996′s Down on the Upside.  The Washington [...]

Matt & Kim – Lightning

Matt & Kim's Lightning

Lightning, the fourth album from the hyperkinetic Brooklyn duo Matt & Kim, finds the pair firing on all cylinders to do all the things that have made them a fan favorite since their eponymous 2006 debut . Over the course of ten songs, Matt & Kim stomp the pedal to the medal to chase pop [...]

Brian Eno Announces New Solo Album

Brian Eno

His first new release since 2005’s Another Day on Earth, ambient pioneer Brian Eno has announced a new record. The new release, titled LUX, is expected to drop November 13th via Warp Records. Drawing inspiration from a piece of art currently housed in the Great Gallery of the Palace of Venaria in Turin, Italy, LUX [...]

TesseracT Announce New Vocalist & Album Trailer


It’s hard work being the vocalist of a progressive metal band. Unless you have a ridiculous range, pull your weight as a guitarist or kick some serious ass on the synth, you’re probably not going to receive the frontman kudos that comes so easily to your heavier brethren – from Corey Taylor to Ozzy and Dio. Such [...]