Watch: Sleeper Agent’s Video for That’s My Baby

Sleeper Agent

Sleeper Agent, the young Bowling Green, KY rockers and self-proclaimed “Little Garage-Pop Act That Could,”  have released a video for the song “That’s My Baby.” The song, which can be found on Sleeper Agent’s debut album Celebrasion, is a catchy, old-school garage ditty that lives up to the nickname the band has bestowed upon itself. The [...]

Watch: Stereophonics Debut Video for Violins and Tambourines

Violilns and Tambourines

Since 2009 Stereophonics have been fairly quiet, playing a few shows here and there but not releasing any new material. Last fall Kelly Jones, lead singer of the 90s-born Brit-Pop band, told an interviewer that 20 new songs were written with an expected release of 2012. Though the band went through a drummer switch this past July [...]

My Jerusalem – Preachers


My Jerusalem have always seemed like kind of a super group. Featuring Jeff Klein, touring member of and Dave Rosser, permanent member of the Twilight Singers, Ashley Dzerigian of Great Northern, Rick Nelson of the Polyphonic Spree and Cully Symington of Bishop Allen. It’s like a Marvel Team-Up comic except it skips the boring staples [...]

Watch: Xiren – Not A Love Song


Xiren is a Denver, CO rock “project,” a word used often these days when there is only one person pulling all the strings, started by a guy named Xiren Kenny(pronounced “seer-rin”). His sound melds and bends classic rock, 80s pop and garage, so trying to pin him into a genre more specific than just alternative [...]

Muse – The 2nd Law


I’m sorry, I just need to take a quick breather here before we can begin. Okay, in… Out… Calm, soothing thoughts. Phew, I’m ready. Let’s do this. So Muse have been a pretty funny bunch the last couple of years. I’d be hard pressed to name a band half as big as Muse that so [...]

The Vaccines – Come Of Age

The Vaccines Album Cover

Most criticism surrounding The Vaccines usually revolves around the notion that their sound is business-as-usual for garage-influenced Brit pop, another band trying to fill the void left when The Libertines exited the scene. Their first record, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines, was ironically exactly what I expected from The Vaccines: a well-executed but less edgy version of [...]

Listen: NOFX – This Machine Is 4


Despite now sitting on twelve albums, stretching back to a debut in ’88 with Liberal Animation, Californian four-piece NOFX have refused to alter their style – sticking firm to politically motivated punk, whilst keeping things fresh with liberal injections of ska, comedy and self-deprecation. Their latest single, ’This Machine Is 4′ proves no exception – boasting simple, but furiously fast power chords, [...]

Rick Wakeman, Genesis and Rush Honoured at the First Prog Awards


As one of the most unique, artistic and technically mind-boggling genres out there, it’s probably about time that Progressive music got its due, and its artists a little well-deserved ego stroking. We have Prog Magazine to thank then, for the first Progressive Music Awards, which were held to an impressive turn-out in London yesterday. Despite having its roots [...]