In the Future, all music will be made by The Wubmachine


Or; I dubstep remixed a Skrillex song ten times. In the very first podcast I recorded for you people, I stood before you, naked and humbled, and defended dubstep as a legitimate form of music. I had not then, nor have I since, ever listened to a dubstep song in its entirety. Not even ones [...]

Craig Finn – Clear Heart, Full Eyes


Craig Finn may be separated from his familiar friends, The Hold Steady, but Clear Heart, Full Eyes proves he hasn’t lost his unrivalled ability to write lyrics that absolutely clutch the heart and concept of what it’s like to be young, confused, dystopic and, strangely, joyous. Craig Finn, in his entire career, has never allowed [...]

Cymbals Eat Guitars: Nominated MTV Best New Band, Summer Festivals, Tour Dates


Cymbals Eat Guitars is one of several indie bands nominated For MTV’s 25 Best New Bands In The World.  The vote is on now through May 24th.  In the case that this experimental pop band gleans the most votes, they’ll get an MTV Iggy weekend homepage takeover and a studio taping next time they roll [...]