Tiptina’s Announce ‘Treme vs. The Wire’ Benefit Show with Michael K. Williams and Wendell Pierce


In a world in where ‘cool’ is a standard by which things are judged and actions given validation, the announcement of a Battle of the Bands where Treme and The Wire actors Michael K. Williams and Wendell Pierce go up against each other is about as cool as anything. If there was a scale of [...]

The Best TV of 2011 (That No One’s Watching)


Those of you who read The Underground will know that I’m all about spreading the word of undiscovered quality. However, as I adorned my hipster-cape to write this “Best TV No One’s Watching” list, something really quite sad hit me, really hard. I think if I were simply writing a “Best of TV” list, it [...]

Arrested Development miniseries and film could actually be happening

Arrested Development

What is there really to say about Arrested Development? It’s one of the only comedies I can think of to use foreshadowing so well, by the end of the season plot points would tie together in order to become even funnier and there were constant callbacks to previous episodes and jokes. It was a show [...]

Black Bond? Maybe, Just Don’t Say It That Way


Although just a rumor at this point, actor Idris Elba, best known for his time on The Wired, told NPR that he would consider taking the role if approached; only he wouldn’t like to be called “the first black James Bond”.

Review: Community’s third season opener


As a forewarning I must say; at the literal five second mark into the latest episode of Community, I had to pause the show and take a breather, because it was literally one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

Video: Joey Barnes Live Performance, “The Wire (Act 1)”


Watch Joey Barnes perform his single “The Wire (Act1) off his debut EP “Always”.  Barnes released his solo EPs “Always” and  “Last Request” in 2009 on Nascent Republic Records.  His latest release “Changes”, as well as his solo EPs are available on iTunes. For more information go to www.JoeyBarnes.com.

Video: Joey Barnes Live Performance, "The Wire (Act 1)"

Watch Joey Barnes perform his single “The Wire (Act1) off his debut EP “Always”.